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The feeling of living in a smart homes

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October 27, 2023 1 Comments

Imagine a home for yourself that does everything for you without you even having to ask or remind it. A home that works as a partner, dealing with your everyday chores but gives you the benefit of keeping silent most of the time. Yes, it’s none other than smart homes. Smart, because it picks up your daily dose of routine work at home sensibly and lets you sit back and chill throughout a hectic day or night.

A smart home works conveniently like a robot, that controls and takes care of your gadgets and appliances brilliantly. From keeping a check on the food in the refrigerator to switching off the lights when not in use, a smart home does it all to bring in the true feeling of comfort and luxury at your doorstep.

With constant shifts in technology and with humans eagerly trying to adapt to the Internet of Things (IoT), smart homes have made their way to the most upscale real estate projects in Mumbai. A city that never sleeps has homes now that don’t sleep either, keeping a check on trespassers and burglars for your security throughout the night. Such features make you worry less when you get late for work and leave home in a hurry on a Monday morning.

Unable to believe the existence of such intelligent and automated homes? Read more below on the functioning and various benefits of such machines to gain more insights into the world of smart homes.

1. Sustainable Living:
With the invention of high-tech mechanisms, smart homes provide a sense of sustainability through automated control systems. You can connect any of your smart devices with your room and the motion sensors will be seen doing wonders to your surrounding space. Smart heating systems sense your presence in the room and automatically change the temperature, depending on the weather conditions. Similarly, smart lighting can be controlled with just one tap on your phone. Simply connect your phone to the sensors and set the indoor lighting according to your mood or requirements.

2. Comfort with Safety and Security:
You have an important meeting to attend but you constantly keep worrying about your children being left alone at home? Well, the presence of a smart security system enabled in your smart home gives you complete assurance of absolute safety. With good internet connectivity, high-end surveillance cameras let you look into your home with just one tap on any of your smart devices while you’re away. Some devices can be programmed on the basis of security needed, for instance, if someone tries to break inside your house, an instant alarm would be raised for better security.

3. Conserves Energy:
Smart homes are built intelligently to save energy and contribute efficiently to the environment. While you’re away, the motion sensors automatically switch off the electrical appliances that consume more energy such as the lights, fans, and the air conditioners. They are designed to keep a track of the amount of power consumed in your absence and thus, avoid your electricity bill to soar high and help in generating a much greener planet.

4. Eliminates Wastage of Food:
: Isn’t it amazing to have a kitchen that manages everything and lets you sit back and relax most of the time? A smart home lets you have this too! With the presence of smart and energy-efficient refrigerators, no food goes wasted. It schedules your eating habits and also notifies you about how long a dish has been lying inside and when is it likely to go bad. While you approach to throw the leftover dishes, smart dustbins open up automatically without you even having to touch them, ensuring maximum hygiene. Similarly, smart cookers and smart ovens are proving themselves quite beneficial and help you rest on the sofa instead of lingering around for long in the revolutionized kitchen of today.

5. Luxury at All Cost:
From instant coffee-making machines to washing dishes at your command, smart homes can do it all. Remote-controlled vacuum cleaners come to your rescue on lazy Sundays to clean all your room surfaces while voice assistants like Google and ALEXA keep your entertainment on the go. Living in a smart home truly gives you the feeling of luxury and lavishness at all costs.

To conclude, we really don’t need to wait for smart homes in the future. The rise of the internet of things and the invention and development of the automation industry has brought convenient living to our doorsteps for us to enjoy and live a life king-size!

What if you get the chance to experience the feel of smart homes in the middle of the city of dreams: – Roha Vatika.

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