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Building Tomorrow, Sustainably Today: Roha Realty is transforming Mumbai’s landscape

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January 25, 2024 0 Comments

Mumbai, which is the financial capital of India, is renowned for its rapid urbanisation and fast-paced development, both positive aspects. But do you know at what cost has this growth come about? The answer is sure to dampen your spirits: increase in pollution, depletion of precious natural resources, and overcrowding, to name a few. As Mumbai continues to grow and expand, the indispensable need for sustainable development has reached its zenith.

Sustainability and the Real Estate Sector

You may be wondering how the real estate sector has an impact on the environment. In fact, this sector is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. According to a report tabled by UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme), the construction industry can be held responsible for nearly 39% of carbon emissions on the global front. Alarming, isn’t it? These factors have led to an increase in focus on sustainability in this booming sector. This is where Roha Realty (one of the most reputed real estate developer Mumbai) steps in.

Roha Realty’s Green Pledge

Being one of the top builders in Mumbai, Roha Realty’s vision is crystal clear: powering tomorrow with sustainable energy.

In the dynamic and flourishing landscape of the real estate sector in India, an important shift towards sustainability is reshaping the trajectory of the industry. Roha does not view the ascent of green buildings and green construction as a passing trend. As a highly regarded real estate company Mumbai, we firmly believe that sustainability is a strategic manoeuvre to support a resilient and ecologically responsible real estate sector. This shift in paradigm encompasses a broad spectrum of highly sustainable practices, such as clean solar energy and eco-friendly construction materials. Sounds promising, doesn’t it?

This unwavering commitment surely extends beyond just words or mission statements. It is highly evident in the tangible steps that we have undertaken to make sure our business approach is both eco-friendly and sustainable.

Our Head Office in Mumbai

Our headquarters (situated in Mumbai) demonstrates our strong commitment when it comes to harnessing solar energy. With ultra-modern solar panels placed flawlessly at our facility, we are not merely reducing our carbon footprint. But guess what, we are also boosting our operations with an environment-friendly alternative to traditional non-renewable energy sources, making us a top real estate developer Mumbai.

Renewable Energy Through Solar PV (photovoltaic) Panels

Solar PV modules efficiently generate electricity from natural sunlight, which can eventually be fed into the primary electrical supply of a tower or building. Reducing the burden of the need for the generation of fossil fuels, the ever-growing, grid-connected solar PV sector is surely helping cut down on greenhouse gas emissions, which is awesome news, but it is only going to get better with the passage of time. Solar PV panels offer a pure and pollution-free method of generating power, ultimately leading to lower electricity bills. Hence, top builders in Mumbai are showing immense interest in these solar panels, and rightly so.

Leveraging Initiatives for Sustainable Change

While we are in the pursuit of a green, sustainable urban landscape, we are also responsible for driving positive change. It is vital for us and top builders in Mumbai to play an active role when it comes to the implementation of sustainable practices and the creation of green spaces.

We, Roha, have the unique capacity to successfully instrumentalise sustainability at the micro level, thus transforming individual projects into bright beacons of eco-consciousness. Through our creativity and expertise, we have integrated green spaces seamlessly into our designs, thus maximising the available space and simultaneously minimising the strain on existing infrastructure. By doing so, we have contributed to the overall liveability of Mumbai while creating value-added features that have attracted discerning homebuyers and investors.

The Bottomline

Our vision of sustainability is not merely restricted to energy. Preserving Planet Earth’s priceless resources is also our goal. Our state-of-the-art structures now feature rainwater harvesting systems, which allow us to conserve something as precious as water and use it in a judicious way. Being a reputed real estate developer Mumbai, we have successfully recognised that our primary responsibility goes much beyond products and services. As guardians of our environment, we are committed to the implementation of strategies that make sure that our planet stays clean and healthy for future generations.

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