Amenities homebuyers look for in post-pandemic world

The island city might have become the pandemic’s epicentre, but covid-19 has managed to transform residential supply and consumer demand for upgraded features and world-class amenities for the better. The global outbreak that has completely transmuted the way we live and function and has forced homeowners to revaluate how they make use of their personal spaces.

Residential spaces are no longer limited to being a place where-in we simply eat, shower, and sleep. As people sheltered themselves within the confines of home to evade the pandemic fears, homes have been altered into multi-purpose spaces that doubled up as workstations, schools, and gyms. Taking these massive lifestyle changes into consideration, home makeovers like major overhauls, cosmetic improvements, and enhancement of features have risen.

Today as we have stepped into the new normal, the evolved and mindful consumers have new priorities that range from wellness, technology to socialization. Therefore, right from material choices, layouts, and facilities, the post-pandemic residential spaces will look different from their conventional counterparts. These modifications have encouraged developers to reassess the future of homes and in doing so they have been re-evaluating aesthetics and in-demand amenities that will appeal to modern-day home buyers.

Being into a prolonged home isolation phase, we have all fallen in love with our spaces even more and have started appreciating the amenities we never may have used until now. Buyers have understood that their residencies demand some remodelling with futuristic amenities.

Below mentioned are some manageable home upgradations that will entice buyers in the post-pandemic world:

Wellness amenities have been grabbing limelight: Having spent lengthy intervals at home with no accessibility to rejuvenation indicates the need for more spaces at homes that occupants can use for relaxation, workout, and meditation. Buyers have realized the vitality of capitalizing in homes that offer community gardens, outdoor wellness gardens, vertical lattices, terrace gardens, water walls, decks, balconies, courtyards, or landscapes that will help in maintaining physical and emotional well-being. Spaces that comprise of massage rooms and yoga or dance studios that help refining user well-being may also surge in demand.

Homes supporting tech-forward lifestyles: The modern-day millennial buyers prefer capitalizing in tech-forward residences having automation that allows them to control lighting, window shades, and doors distantly from their smartphones. Technically advanced concepts like furnishing the entire homes with iPads will add to a unified living experience. Other revolutionary features that will appeal to young investors comprise of IoT-enabled residential spaces restraining human contact, spaces equipped with live streaming security cameras, sensors, energy-conserving technology and touch-free automated modules.

Leisure enhancements within spaces: With leisure amenities like restaurants, fitness centres, and theatres operating at limited capacity during the pandemic, homeowners started prioritizing upgrades that will help them to revel in entertaining activities at home. Developers have made note of this changed living patterns and are designing homes by setting apart dedicated spaces within bedrooms for home gyms and home workstations or are offering homes equipped with decks that includes both a spa and library.

Space has now become the chief amenity: With homes becoming the only space for performing all activities, residents have started dwelling on the advantages of having optimum space utilisation and extensive adaptable spaces that can house manifold areas. There is a possibility that homes would possibly grow in square footage, due to a new crop of buyers demanding additional space to unfold all features of their lives in their abodes. The work-from-home and remote education culture have also reformed the pattern for most buyers who are seeking distinct spaces to placate these contemporary requisites.

Consumer mind-sets have been quickly altering and this trend is quite noticeable in the housing segment. With homebuyers viewing property capitalizations very inversely, real estate developers are equipped with the most in-demand home features appealing to conscious buyers in the post pandemic world.

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