Roha World

We call it Roha World because we not just deal with real estate and building spaces for our customers but also have various dimensions to it.
We deal in manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, finances and real estate.

Our pioneering milestones timeline includes:

  • 1972 - A small color manufacturing facility was incorporated as Idachem. The brand Idacol was introduced
  • 1974 - Launched a new facility in the ROHA district of Maharashtra.Idachem was renamed ROHA Dyechem
  • 1980 - Installed India’s first spray drying machine.Kaizen management techniques from Japan were introduced into the HR practices
  • 1990 - Launched special molecules for specialized industry uses
  • 1996 - First overseas office opened in South Africa
  • 1998 - Office established in Spain
  • 1999 - Expanded with offices in UK and France
  • 2000 - Established office in USA.Acquisition of Simpsons
  • 2002 - Established offices in Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines
  • 2003 - Established a new headquarter in Mumbai, India
  • 2004 - Opened offices in China and Mexico
  • 2005 - Acquisition of Spain’s largest natural color manufacturing facility
  • 2006 - Launched Natracol, a brand for natural colors
  • 2007 - Launch of 7.5 MW windmill at Sangli,Maharashtra
  • 2009 - ROHA Indonesia began expansion with a new office spanning 20,300 sqm
  • 2011 - Launched a 25 MW solar plant at Charanka, Gujarat
  • 2013 - Extended its global footprint with new offices in Thailand and Egypt.Inaugurated the JJT Group, a renewed ROHA and its sub-brands
  • 2015 - Set up a 27.5 MW solar plant in Rajasthan, India.Acquisition of Ravenswood Australia's color division.Turkish and Colombian subsidiaries started functioning at full capacity.A new production unit of natural food colors set up in Thailand
  • 2016 - Avant-garde Global Center of Expertise established in USA.New production site and office inaugurated in Centurion, South Africa.New offices in Dubai and Japan.New manufacturing site set up in Brazil. 6 MW windmill project set up in Madhya Pradesh, India
  • 2017 - Acquisition of New Foods Industry S.p.A.Essentials in Italy and Delta Aromatic’s color division in Egypt
  • 2018 - Opened a new production facility in Mexico.A new production facility for Simpsons in Dahej, India.Set up a new solar plan in Murtizapur, Akola, India.New production facility and office in Australia
  • 2019 - Acquisition of Mark Al Chemical de Mexico, S.A. De C.V
  • 2020 - ROHA UAE relocates to Ajman, UAE.Expands logistics by opening a warehouse
  • 2022 - Completed 50 years of establishment.Acquisition of India-based Saraf Foods Ltd