Green elements to soothe your home during the summer season

The pandemic has made us appreciate our homes as they have become spaces where we work and relax. Hence, developers are consciously working on building projects where our homes take us a step closer to greenery. Read on to know how residential projects can incorporate elements inspired by nature.

Nature today has emerged as a source of solace for many, as lockdown rules have intensified our appreciation for greener spaces. Homebuyers and real estate developers seem to comprehend the importance of sustainable homes now more than ever. They have started recognising the value of natural greenery in their living environments. Owing to this noticeable shift in buyer mindset, health and wellness features in real estate projects have become crucial, and buyers are paying much attention to them.

Below mentioned are some of the ways homeowners can incorporate green elements in their homes. These spaces will help lift your spirit and offer respite from the sweltering summer heat as well.

Biophilic designs

Biophilia is a concept wherein residents integrate nature-inspired spaces within their homes to interact closely with the environment. It will become a requirement more than just a trend in the upcoming years. Biophilic designs are known to integrate elements derived from nature to maximise human functioning and well-being. Using biophilic procedures facilitates connecting the home occupants to nature, which helps to lessen stress and enhance the occupants' health by linking them to nature's physical, emotional, and intellectual benefits.

Artificial water bodies

Apart from placing components of green foliage, inhabitants may also want to be around manufactured water bodies. Pieces like cascading fountains, lakes or artificial ponds placed at the entrance, patio or courtyards can benefit in making inhabitants physically and emotionally healthy. Setting up water elements like water gardens inside homes can calm the mind and body, thus reducing stress and being vital for synchronising the body and restoring physical harmony.

Organic farming

Access to chemical-free food is a sustainable way of connecting with nature for many dwellers. Hence, highlighting its potential to transform inhabitants' well-being, real estate projects with facilities like organic farming help residents with their dietary requirements. Such self-sustaining islands within the real estate project can provide buyers with a highly purposeful living experience.

Personal deck

Many homeowners like to have little spaces to unwind in their homes. Personal decks, hanging gardens or terrace gardens at home are brilliant ideas to implement. Most yard care tasks like planting, pruning, or watering help encourage relaxation. A personal garden can add value to any property alongside supporting the lifestyle of its inhabitants.

Vertical walls

Vertical gardens offer the choice of having greenery growing vertically straight up. Along with transforming the aesthetic appeal of a home, green walls mitigate the high noise frequency by absorbing and reflecting any noise that comes inside. They offer protection by aiding in controlling the climatic conditions, temperature regulation, heat absorption, enhancing air quality, and acting as a natural air filter that cleanses the contaminated air while releasing a large amount of fresh oxygen inside homes.

While it may not always be possible to venture out of our homes to enjoy the greenery, technological advancement offers many sustainable methods to flourish greenery inside our personal spaces. For those of us who reside in concrete and brick jungles, such elements provide an escape to nature we rarely get to enjoy in our surroundings.

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